August 8, 2016

Before They Go: Makeup II - Eyeshadows

I thought that finally, I'll be a makeup junkie when I started blogging and will finally be girly just the way others had hoped for me.  But for me, putting piles of stuff on my face aside from skincare is totally bothersome.  I still enjoyed the time spent playing with makeup and at the same time I can confidently say to other people that the "me" is not really girly and enjoys the simple routine of bb cream, some blush (sometimes highlighter) and a little something something on the lips that is not too loud in color.  I'll definitely stick to the items that will work for me and not the other way around and I don't want to feel that I am only beautiful when I have makeup on.

And so here are some items that I tried, used a couple of time, sits in my drawer and are now expired (I think).

Sunkissed Shadows
These eyeshadows we're just given to me by my sister and they are awesome.  They are crumbly but they are finely milled and the shimmers are just the right amount for an everyday look.  It doesn't have a lot of fall out and the colors are just beautiful.  I also used these as blush/contour/highlighter by lightly swirling a fluffy brush on the pots and into the apples of my cheeks going upward to my ears and the effect is light I just have a sunkissed skin.  The bronzy color kinda have a nice tan effect while the browny pink has a nice flush effect.

Here are the swatches under natural light (no edit aside from cropping).

Wet n Wild Coloricon in 336 Spoiled Brat
This was also just given to me for practiced.  The colors are loud but with a light hand they can work on a daytime look.  To be honest though, I never wore this in public and I only swatched the gray color on my hands and just didn't look okay with my yellowish skin.

I practiced eyelining my eyes with the black color and my blending skills (if I have one) with the pink.  There's fall out to this one so priming before applying is necessary.  Not much to say but I definitely enjoyed playing with these colors.

Here are the swatches under natural light (no edit aside from cropping).

Missha Eyeshadows in Browny Pink
This I bought with my own money.  I used the bottom part (brown) the most as it gives a definition to my eyes.  I apply it at the outer corner of my eyes and also on my crease.  I apply the middle one (pink) on the center of my lids for some color and highlight.  I only use the top color (champagne) once and my sister was shocked because it's too shimmery and there's a lot of fall out plus the "shimmer" are uneven, if I put this on my body I can be like the vampires in Stephanie Myers novel.

Swatches look great though hehehe.

Tips from me:
"Try them in the counter"
My biggest mistake with makeup is that I bought all of them online and relied on the swatches on the internet.  But the internet is a bitch, a color swatch nicely on someone's skin might not be the same with yours so go ahead and brave the beauty section of the malls and slightly have a thick skin trying different kinds of makeup when testers are available they are there for a reason :)

"Build your own kit that suits you"
There are a lot of tutorials and youtube videos out there that seem to lure you to buy this and that as part of your starter kit but take them as a guide, you do not need to have all of them at the same time else, you'll spend and waste a lot of money and that is coming from my own experience.  If you are noob with makeup like me, start with an item that is not intimidating you perhaps a lipstick or a bb cream and use it a couple of times and when you are comfortable it then start another item that you think you can conquer (makeup is a scary thing for me which explains my wordings).

Better to build your starter kit slowly but surely and accept that makeup skill level vary from girl to girl.

"Make makeup work for you and not the other way around"
I believe that makeup is a fun way to express yourself so have fun but your makeup routine must suit your lifestyle and your day to day life.

Thanks if you made it this far and as always I hope this post helps you with your makeup journey.

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