August 3, 2016

Before They Go: Makeup I

From a crazy idea to a beauty staple, BB cushion conquered and found a steady spot in the beauty world.  Lovers of liquid base makeup can now enjoy their favorite bb/cc cream or foundation in a compact form without the hassle of a bulky packaging, a mirror and a sponge or brush.

I don't touch-up so I do not necessarily need a cushion but I got curious so I got a refill to satisfy my curiosity and it did not disappoint though I have some minor issues with it.

So here's what's inside of the cushion (for those of you who is noob like me), it's a plastic container with a cover that contains a sponge soaked with; in my case, foundation (confusing, I know because of the name but a "BB Cushion" can contain bb/cc cream or foundation which I already mentioned above, sorry paulit ulit lang and if you are feeling adventurous you can actually DIY and customize the content of your very own bb cushion).

I got the IOPE XP Cushion C21 SPF50+/PA+++ because IOPE started it all!  It has a light to medium coverage with a dewy finish which I very much like because it makes me look fresh and younger :) Plus I look artistahin when I wear this although that effect fades in just an hour or two so touch-up is really needed but I can't be bothered so I just let it fade since the fading anyway looks natural - not patchy and there's no creasing involved at all especially when using the specific sponge that should be use with the cushion.

And here's the sponge.  It catches just the right amount and spreads my foundation evenly.  It really fills the pores without looking flat.  It's best to use this by tapping rather than smothering for a natural finish.  I have an allergic reaction to this though (small bumps all over my face) because it is made out of latex so I either use my fingers or a brush to apply the IOPE XP Cushion.  Not as evenly as the sponge but what can I do?  unless there is some genius out there who can invent a sponge that will not irritate sensitive skin.

After I stop using the sponge, I didn't notice any more allergic reaction.  Anyway the IOPE XP Cushion itself is really good, I hope I can have the foundation but in a tube container.  The C21 (C by the way stands for coverage) is perfect for my skintone (which is a miracle) and the coverage and dewiness it gives is perfect for my everyday "no makeup" makeup look.

Some notes for cushion (in general):
  • Always clean your sponge (or have a backup) to stop spreading bacteria and prolong the life of your cushion
  • Use your cushion within 6 months for sanitary purpose (yup, cushion has a short life span but a lot actually have no problem finishing a compact in 3 months)
  • If it looks like the cushion is dried out, flip the sponge you'll be surprise at how much more foundation/bb cream is in there.

As I got more curious with makeup, I dig into some lipbalms and lipsticks.  I only use lipbalms when my lips are super chapped to the point of bleeding although I noticed that the more I use lip balms the more my lips becomes dry except for a certain lipbalm that I got from The Body Shop and this Clio one which I got for free.  I don't use it very often though because it's heavy as if most of the products just sits on top of my lips and the packaging is annoying.  How annoying? Imagine someone with long nails scratching a chalkboard!

Surprisingly, I like lipsticks.  They are annoying to me before because they feel heavy, stain everything aside from lips and I hate seeing other people with smudge lipstick and also (don't hate me) I hate that the ladies comfort room is always full because girls reapply their lipstick and lipgloss while chatting and when other girls notice how good the other girl's lipstick is wearing, the chat grows bigger and longer.  Thankfully, there are lipsticks now that solves my dilemma though I haven't tried any of them.

Although I don't go for something bold, I'm surprised that I look good in the Ever Bilena Storm and Pink Flame.  Both are my matte, very pigmented and from the tube, looks way too far from the color of my lips but on; with the right application and topping it with Revlon's Fig Jam, they look pretty and unintimidating.  You can check my full post about these two here.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Fig Jam is also one of my favorite lipsticks because it helps makes the other lipsticks look better by adding some depth.  On it's own, it just gives a "sheer-chocolate-melted-in-your-lips-with-a-bit-of-a-gloss" color that accentuate the natural color of the lips.  It's also moisturizing without being to heavy.  You can check my old post about it here.  This is the first legit lipstick that I bought with my own money :)

Another favorite is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 001 Honey Douche.  This is more pigmented than the Fig Jam but the shade is near to the natural color of my lips, perfect for everyday use and to a "no-make-up" look.  Just this and the IOPE BB cushion makes people around me say I'm blooming without thinking that I'm wearing make-up.  You can check my thoughts 001 Honey here.

There will be a part two of this Before They Go: Makeup "series" which covers some eyeshadows and blush.  As always leave your comments down below for any tips to a beginner like me or just comment anything so that I know that someone out there is reading (seriously, a simple "hi" can make me smile).


  1. I didn't know that they last for 6 months from opening lang. I currently have 2 cushions. Both from thefaceshop. Sila lang yung may shade na fit sakin. This replaced my sunblock for now. I know sun protection in makeup is not enough but ok na din considering it's SPF 50.


    1. Hi Rae!!! I'm also surprised but come to think of it prone siya sa bacteria. Pag nag aaply din ako ng make-up, di na rin ako naglalagay ng hiwalay na sunblock because it seems overkill to me and it feels heavy na


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