July 12, 2014

June 2014: Super Late, What is Happening?

Time have moved on, but it seems like I'm in a new world with the old confused me...so everything now is a blur especially last week.  How weird that I've been planning a month before June as to the direction of this blog (it's this blog's anniversary, 2nd to be exact) and now I don't know how to fit it in my life...hopefully I'll be regularly blogging soon though for the my sanity, it's a free space where I can express my thoughts on things that doesn't really matter but is still part of my everyday life.

So hello, treat this like an update???  Like for example the things that I've used up and thrown for a couple of months (there are still a lot more since I moved to a new place, but I didn't managed to capture our parting moment), as you can see below, it's a handful and while they are into a space in my old quarters I wonder why I collect/kept them and decided that this will be my last empties/throw post except when I used up products all at the same time.  If you follow this blog (thank you so much) then you might be familiar with most of the products so I'll just talk about the things that I haven't reviewed like the Happy Bath Facial Yogurt, Charlie White and Essence Brow something (sorry, forgot the name).

I got the Happy Bath Facial Yogurt as a freebie so I don't know much about it but it's like a very affordable drugstore basic facial wash (like ponds) that produce a decent amount of foam that luckily does remove basic makeup aside from the everyday dirt our face accumulated and the only complaint I have about it is the smell oh and the big opening of the packaging (that's two hehehe).  Next is a perfume that was given to me a decade ago (yes you read that right, 10 years ago) and it's only now that I emptied it, it's the Charlie White which is under Loreal (I hope I'm not mistaken) which was given to me when I was still in high school.  The smell is like "I just came out of the shower, I'm clean and fresh" with a hint of something flowery (I hope I nailed the smell explanation).  And the last one is the brow pallette (?) from Essence which I didn't use much because it just smudges right away and disappear or maybe I'm not just using it right and I'm just lucky to have a sister who has a slight obsession with eyebrows that she adopted it instead of me throwing it in the trash (and sing "It's not about the money, money, money").

It's also already been awhile since I shared the book/s that I'm reading...there's no other reason but me being lazy, feeling like a sloth just wanting to sleep or make friends with pillows.  But for the past months I'm just reading some classics/basic:  Sherlock Holmes and The Little Prince.  I already read the volume 1 of Sherlock Holmes last year and I'm amazed, on the second volume though I find myself being bored since some of the stories are just the same but if you like solving, crimes and the like then you should definitely read some Sherlock Holmes' stories/novels.

The Little Prince is something that I encountered when I was in grade 3 but didn't managed to finish it since I have to return the book to the school and unfortunately I do not have the means to buy myself a copy and up to now I do not have a copy of the book and just borrowed it from my sister.  Anyway, The Little Prince is something that have different meanings depending on what situation, age, scenario, feeling the reader has.  To others this might just be like a children's book, I thought it's a fascinating children story when I was still in grade school but reading it again now that I'm all grown-up gives a deeper meaning...it makes me think twice about my life...am I on the right track? or I'm just totally wasting my time on things that just burdens my life and makes me unhappy?...am I looking/searching for the right things? ---realization like that :)

"The men where you live," said the little price,"raise five thousand roses in the same garden-and they do not find in it what they are looking for."

And lastly my June 2014 playlist but aside from what is included below, I'm also loving Twilight Galaxy of Metric (I'm quoting some of the lyrics below because it hits me) and Macy Gray's rendition of Creep by Radiohead:

And that's it for June 2014!


  1. heard lots of raves about the baby skin pore eraser :) so glad your back sis :)

    1. everyone's saying that it's benefit pore professional dupe that's why I bought it...I wouldn't recommend it during summer days though. Thanks Angel :)

  2. happy belated 2nd blog anniv arya!
    I loved the symbolism in that book - The Little Prince, i remember writing my fave quotes on this little pink notebook sayang I can't find anymore :)

    1. thanks Shayne. The Little Prince is really something, tagos sa bones ang meaning, I also used write quotes on a notebook or piece of paper but always misplaced them so I just take a photo of something that really really meaningful ang post it in social medias


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