July 15, 2014

Remove your Face

I'm just seeing pictures wherein people seem to have a different face when they remove their makeup.  Well, it's a matter of preference and it just so happen that I do not have the skill to transform my face and opted to have a simple almost naked face make-up but everyone (who uses make-up) should remove it and let the skin breathe and currently, these are the items that I'm using.

By the way for the month of July I guess I'll be doing a group product post to eliminate my backlogs.  I will mention the essentials but with less details like packaging, where I bought it, how much etc.  etc.

It's Skin Rice Firming Cleansing Milk got my attention because it's dermatologist tested  and well it's on sale when I bought it.  I was looking for a mild cleanser that I can use in the morning and when I'm halfway through it did I know that I'm using it wrong.  It's best to massage this cleansing milk on a dry face because it will turn into something oily and almost work like cleansing oil only this one can't remove tough makeup like the ones that are waterproof.  Then dampen your hands and massage again your skin to emulsify the cleansing milk then rinse.  I like how this makes my skin soft and doesn't leave it thirsty.

Before I'm amazed with cleansing oil, I was first awed with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion that I got two variants:  the Brightup and the Moist.  Pour some on a cotton pad then swipe it all over your face to remove makeup and dirt, amazing how you don't need water to use it.  BUT it has flaws:  one swipe is not enough to remove makeup even the simple ones...at least three to make sure everything is removed which is for me a waste of cotton pads, it stings the eyes and you need to use a lot to make it work.  I also use this before as a toner but they seem (especially the moist) to be a bit sticky so I stop.  These flaws makes me appreciate cleansing oil big time!  Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is handy though when you are practicing in your makeup skill (just a cotton pad and this can erase the minor errors) and when travelling and water is not available or if you are just afraid to use water for I don't know reason :P

And lastly, this little guy who looks like a mochi or rice cake (puto).  I got this Konjac Sponge in Landmark for like a $1 to replace my Olay cleansing brush in my everyday face cleansing routine.  It's mild and it lightly scrub my face to remove the dirt off my face, lessening the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads.  And if you use foam cleanser, this helps in making more foams so no need to use extra amount of cleanser to enjoy the divine happiness of thick small bubbles/foam on your skin.  Cheap and reliable tool!

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