May 17, 2015

Never Again: EcoTools & Collection Concealer

And the "Never Again" continues, surprisingly the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is included in this post which saddens me because it's my first concealer and a lot of beauty gurus adore it (that's why I got it, oh the internet just makes me buy stuff that I could live without).

Before the concealer, let's talk a little of the EcoTools Fresh and Flawless Complexion Brush Set.

I like the EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set but my inner masochist just go out when I clean my brushes so the mineral powder and mini kabuki brush shed like crazy and I have throw them.  In replacement, I got another set that I thought has the same size as the bamboo set but I'm wrong (I seem to not have the best luck with it comes to makeup and tools), they are way mini than I expected they only occupy 2/3 of my palms.

The Complexion Blending Brush is just slightly bigger than my thumb that it will take me forever to blend foundation or bb cream that I applied.  I usually use it as a blush brush and maybe in the future as a contour brush since it has a round and dome shape and it fits the hollows of my cheeks.  Same goes with the Precision Foundation Brush (pinkie size) so I only use it when an extra coverage is needed in a small area of my face like the sides of my nose.  I rarely use the Flat and Buffing Concealer Brush, maybe in the future if I can finally find a concealer that suits my skin.  And finally, Full Powder Brush which is perfect as a blush brush (I don't use face powder).  It's soft and tapered, picks just enough amount of blush and it's almost the size of the apples of my cheeks.

Overall, this set is a good travelling companion and is also perfect for those who cannot spare a lot of space for makeup tools.  Plus it's cute and the ferrules are really dainty.

It seems that I already have the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for a good year but nope, I only have it for a couple of months, I don't know why the print is all smudge and looking dirty because I haven't touched it for a month now.  I sparingly use this now as a brightener but never as a concealer because it creases.

That the concealer in my lovely pale hands.  I have the 1 Fair which is lighter than my skintone but this is the only shade available that is nearest to my skin (the 2 is always out of stock).

Just an hour after I apply this concealer in some of my blemishes, the sides of my nose (where redness usually happens) and in my undereyes (recently learned that the color salmon is the best for my undereyes and not this concealer) it creases that it defines my lines making me look older.  I tried to apply this in different ways:  I use this after applying primer, before or after foundation or bb cream, with my hands, with a brush and I even tried to warm it up before applying but none of them seem to do the trick.  I guess, this concealer is just too creamy and drying at the same time that it does not work well with my dry skin.

It's good as a brightener though as long as I use it at a minimal amount so I'm going to keep it for a while but I'll never buy another tube again.

If you have suggestion on how to properly use these items, let me know :)  The first two photos are by Louis of Louis Delos Angeles Photography with my edit.


  1. Great review... The brushes looked good but sadly not good enough.. Thnx :)

    1. thanks Rajshree. not a good set for me but some ladies seems to like it

  2. Oooh the concealer does look terribly manky. It shouldn't be doing that when you haven't touched it for a month!

    I don't understand the raves about this product! Like yourself, I hardly use mine too because it creases :(

    1. I also don't know why, maybe because it's affordable?

  3. shocks im sorry to hear that collection didnt work well for you :( i love that concealer. i have #2 which is always out of stock here in the south too so one time when it was available na finally i bought 3 tubes for back up.

    #1 was super pale for me too. it looked and felt weird on my under eye. #2 naman doesnt crease on me but i noticed some improvements whenever i put eye cream first before the concealer then set it with a powder. baka that might help :)

    1. Wow 3 back-up tubes! Ahahaha. Guess it's not the best for those with dry skin (I do moisturize before moisturizing) and it seems like luma na yung nabili ko (saw the new packaging sa net)


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