November 1, 2012

All the Way Down: October Empties

This month, I emptied lots of big containers.  Ever since my haul ban, I started to notice products that are at the back of my closet.  Here are my empties:
have to let go of these products this month
Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment
I immediately searched for this days after my haircut as my hair statrted to misbehave.  You can find my full review [here].

Human Heart Nature 100% Sunflower Beauty Oil
I finally found a reason to hate this product and that is the smell speciall on my clothes. But this is really a good oil so I seek for some solution to the problem.  Applying baby powder over the oil helped in keeping the oil in sticking to the fabric and soaking my clothes in color-safe bleach solution  before dumping them into the washing machine or simply adding around 2 tablespoons of the bleach to the high level mode.

Snoe Magic Apple
I hate this product.  Find my review [here].

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 90% Body Shower Gel
This body wash is simply refreshing like it's gel counterpart.  Click here for the review.

Nature Republic Aloe 70% Emulsion
Finally!  After almost 6 months, I finally emptied this.  Aside from applying this on my face, I also used this as a body lotion.  Find my review [here].

Human Nature Conditioner 100% Natural Moisturizing Conditioner
Ahhh this conditioner really made my hair bounce and sway.  Full review in this [link].

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter
This started my love for body butters and this in particular provided the right moisture for my body.  You can find my review [here].


  1. yaaay!! Human Heart Nature!! ^_^



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    1. hooray for Human Heart Nature! their products are definitely always in my closet :)

  2. I use almost the same kikay stuff as you do! :)

    1. really? yehey I sometimes try the stuff you tried like im thinking of trying the satsuma body butter next time :D

  3. I love body shop body butter but I would never use the Olive one cause I hate olives :<

    1. really? but i also dont like the smell of the olive at first but after a few days i learned to loved it. what's your fave body butter i want to try it too since im exploring the body butters of the body shop^_^


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