March 31, 2013

March 2013 Empties: Firs Qtr Done + a little sacrifice

First Quarter of the year:  Done!  And I haven't accomplished anything important in my life booo me.  Anyway I still have 2 quarters left and so are you so we still have time to accomplish our goals.

For March, I emptied a lot of samples and my pocket too hehehe.  I made a lot of online purchases and I still haven't emptied or even used all the products that I bought last year like my Tomatox and Appletox which will expire in May (yikes, must use it next month).

Anyway here are my empties plus to throw *sigh* expired na kasi.  And the photos are a little vintage~gy and I'm loving it!
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 I was really surprised with the Shieseido because I used it for the whole month and to think it's just a sample so thanks very much to Sample Room.  Reviews can be found here: 1/2/3/4/5
to throw
I also emptied another Nature Republic Aloe Gel.  Before, I used the tub as a container to my abubots (knickknacks) now I'll use it as a money container.  So what's with the "a little sacrifice thing" and how it's related to the tub?  Well I come to a realization that the main cause of my excess fat is sweets.  I always buy sweet, seven days of the week.  This will be a little hard for me since I have a sweet tooth and would rather eat sweets all day than eat a proper meal but it's to make a little change in my life.  Well weekends would still be the same but on weekdays; instead of me buying desserts every after meal, I will put P25 in the tub and if ever that I'll break this rule I'll put P50 instead.  Proceeds will go to a church near us who is collecting donation to feed  the hungry or to my friend who also volunteer to feed the hungry.  I will do this for at least 2 months and I know it's not much but I hope it would still help.  Now, aside from sweets I will also do my best to be early and catch the company van to save fare.  Proceeds to this part will go to my toy camera fund (sorry, I wanted another cheap one) and to the sweet fund.  Hope everything will work out.
I present to you the tub with a not so artistic lettering 
Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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