May 5, 2014

April 2014: And It Goes On and On and On

Here and there I've been hauling different kinds of things that may not even work.  They accumulated and my mini department store bore 3 mini branches and then one day I just look into them and their topsy turviness just makes me nuts.  So aside from the clothes and book section, I also started looking into my "beauty" stash and decided to get rid or give products/things that I haven't used for quite sometime or just stuff that is not working for me anymore.  I already started last month with my March 2014: Let It Go post which resulted into the disappearance of 1 branch and I'm continuing it until my mini department store is half full and there's 1 mini branch left.  I will also be sharing my empties, as usual :)

It seems like lotions with whitening ingredients makes my skin go berserk and that is just sad because I remember liking the Nivea UV Whitening Serum before as it's light and moisturizing enough with just the right SPF, so sad that I have to let this go but thankfully my niece like it so I'm giving it to her.

Definitely going to the trash are the Betadine Feminine Wash  because, yes it does really clean the part down there when I have period but it's so drying actually all the feminine wash that I tried do not work well for me so I'll just stop the hunt then I got a whitening soap, the C.Y. Gabriel Pink variant to lighten the scars on my legs as it helped me when I was younger but it does more damage now than helping so I'll just have to throw it.

Last two items to throw are the Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base because I think it's already expired I mean a year has already passed since I started using it, anyway I still have 1 make-up base that works like this in my stash and then I also have to throw the Essence Mosaic Compact Powder.  I really can't finish a make-up, please forgive me.

This month I hit pan a lot of products.
It took me what like 5 months??? before I could finish the Watsons Conditioner and I still have another bottle which I will use as a base to my diy hair mask and as a shaving cream.  The familiar 15 ml Laneige Water Bank Essence (a deluxe sample size) that lasts for 3 weeks is also part of this family of empties and the new favorite cleanser, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which I can use all over my body (even my hair sometimes, crazy I know).  Still have some of the Lacvert Pure Deep Cleansing Oil but I'll just include it in this empties round since I think I can only use the remaining twice?  Anyway I have and been using this cleansing oil for more than 6 months I think and I like it!

You already know how I love Nature Republic's Aloe Gel, so there it is lying empty beside The Body Shop's Vitamin E Body Butter (which is the last body butter I have from the many body butters that I hoarded from TBS) with the well loved Apple Blossom Shower Gel and Body Lotion both of which have a very lovely and refreshing apple smell!

Oh by the way, new to my sidebar is an amazon widget where I list some of my favorites!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. i've been doing some "let it go" clean up on my beauty stash too :) i guess most of us are in that "spring cleaning" phase, i might hold a blog sale for those stuff that are nice but i didnt get to use naman kase sayang :) btw sis i also use betadine wash as prescribed by my obgyn but she warned me to only use it when needed, like probably once or twice a week or when i have period cause its formula is too strong.

    1. quite strong so I only use it during periods before, oh well will just use something else. a blog sale would be great :)

  2. Hey you! why won't makeup fit in your maarteng life? :(

    Anyway, can you use the nature republic aloe gel as a mask? I saw the tub and it's huuuuge. I thought baka pwede ko syang gawing next mask project.

    1. I also don't know whu, I buy some make-up but they won't the way I wanted them to work or it's just the tamad in me
      Yes, the aloe gel can be use as a mask but you have to put some more element to it to make it moisturizing like honey. The gel soothes skin but there are some people who says that it dries their skin. On my part, it's not moisturizing enough and I mainly use it to soothe my skin from heat or mu allergies

  3. We do tend to accumulate over time and then there is always a day we decide it’s too much and a lot must go! I guess it’s how it works for most people.
    I’ve always liked and used Nivea products ever since I can remember, but unfortunately the whitening lines never reach here…
    Have you ever tried Uriage line for washing our delicate parts? I’ve been using it for months and it’s the best I’ve tried so far. They even have one that’s appropriate for that annoying time of the month.
    I really want to try an Aloe Vera gel. But most Korean brands have their own, which doesn’t make it easy to choose! But since I’ve never tried anything from nature Republic yet, maybe it would be a good choice.

    1. maybe the whitening line of Nivea is mostly available in asia since we tend to like to have white skin??? just maybe and I haven't heard about the Uriage (will look for it when I visit a grocery or drugstore).
      Nature Republic I think is the first(?) among the korean shops that offer aloe gel here in our country and it was cheap before but maybe because of it's popularity, the price went up to like 30%

  4. I absolutely just LOVE your blog name! Made me chuckle :D


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