September 28, 2012

All the Way Down: September Empties

I've emptied quite a lot this month, yehey and at the same time huhuhu, I have to throw some cute containers.
From left to right then center.  Link to my reviews are in [here] or [review].

Human Heart Nature Baby Lotion
I like that it's liquidy so it easily glides to my skin but it's not hydrating enough for me.  Let's just leave this to the kid's.  Click [here] for my quick review.

Snoe Body Softener
Anti-Aging, Whitening and Collagen in one product is really wow but is so small at 100ml I finish the product in just one month which is okay for those who wanted to try all the variants and troublesome for those who love using it because purchasing it every now and then is really troublesome (ahahaha redundant) and if you stock a lot in the closet then it will take a lot of space.  I hope Snoe can make different sizes to their products.  Review for this softener can be found [here].

Innisfree Green Tea
Used these two samples when I had a huge (as in huge with pain) pimple.   I sometimes like the smell because it smells clean but sometimes hate it because it reminds me of my brother's perfume (which I hate).  You can find my quick review to these two [here].

Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream
My goodness, it took me months before finishing this 10 ml BB Cream and have to give the other to my sister (I should have just ask for the mask as a GWP instead of two BB Cream).  Anyway, It's a good product that goes a long way.  Together with the Whitening Mask, check my review [here].

Etude House Milk Talk in Apple
Don't be fooled by the packaging's cuteness (because it is small).  This body wash although the packaging is small still contains 200ml of milk-apple goodness.  Of course I already made review about this.  Click [here].

Human Heart Nature Strengthening Shampoo and Body Wash
The reason why I ordered this is because it's also a body wash.  Doesn't produce a lot of bubbles though.  Quick review can be found [here].

TonyMoly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream
In other country it's TonyMoly but here in the Philippines it's Tony Moly.  What do you prefer?  Anyway here's my [review] on this hand cream.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen First Essence
It's just a sample but it took me 3 months to consume this essense.  I haven't revised the pictures in this post but all the important details about this product are in [here].


  1. Ang dami mong naubos! :D That peach hand cream is too cute to throw away kahit empty na.

    1. Kaya nga eh happy and at the same time sad. Ang cute nga nung peach hand cream, lagyan ko na lang siguro ulit ng ibang lotion ~teehee


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