May 28, 2017

Zenutrients Besties

Ohhh I'm missing the cold weather months of MNL.  Laying in bed full of pillows and covers and wearing boots and layered outfits is not overkill but I can't deny that my skin is greatly suffering from the cold and dryness of the wind and layering of moisturizing products is a must to save it from its cracking and itching state.

Here are my skin's besties last sweater weather season (I hope the coming rainy season will be nice and not brutal).  There's a phase in my life that I go all organic in my skincare and Zenutrients has been a familiar brand (and still) to me. I'm happy that I'm supporting a local brand #supportlocal (and
I'll pretend that I'm sikat and have a disclaimer that youtubers often use - "this is not sponsored").

Zenutrients Slimming Massage Oil
Nope, I didn't get this for the slimming effect it claims but because of the lavender it contains cause I'm always having a hard time catching sleep.

This a light oil that my body loves to absorb after I take a bath.  It's not sticky that I can use it during daytime perfect for my very dry skin.  It also has a warming and soothing effect perfect companion for a quick self massage after exercise or before going to bed.

Zenutrients Rich Cocoa Body Butter
I always find cocoa body butter luxurious probably because of the sweet yet complicated smell,  I love the Zenutrients Skin Defense Cocoa Butter because it's super moisturizing even if I just apply a small amount and wanted to try other cocoa based products from the brand.

This is the lighter version of the Skin Defense - consistency is a bit thicker than a lotion but not as balmy.  Moisturization wise, I still root for the Skin Defense but I like that I can wear the body butter during daytime without sweating too much plus I don't have to spritz perfume since I already smell good when I use it.

Zenutrients Virgin Coconut Oil Balm
I initially wanted this to be the first in my double cleansing routine but it didn't turned milky when I mixed it with water but I still occasionally use it as a makeup remover specifically for eye makeup by applying it on a cotton pad and then swiping it all over my lids.

Since this is a balm, it's perfect for areas that are super dry since it won't easily budge.  Knees, elbows and my scalp greatly benefit from this balm.  This is also great for a DIY lip scrub - just mixed it with sugar and it will remove the dead skin while keeping your lips moisturize saving me from cracked lips.

Zenutrients is all over the place now so go visit a kiosk to know more about their products - I like their new packaging (mine are still the old version).

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